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The "Edoardo Amaldi" High School

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The Village: Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo).

Tourist attaction: Basilica di San Martino con le Sagrestie Fantoniane

laboratorio​The high school is named after the famous physician, Edoardo Amaldi. It follows the typical "Liceo" curriculum and it motivates the students to learn and study in a theoretical-conceptual way, to acquire a vast and diverse basis of knowledge and to help push them towards a collegiate direction. Most of the subjects' contents are made to teach the students to "Learn to Learn" with lots of activities to increase their critical sense: the goal is to be able to face society's rapid transformations.

The High School is located at the centre of the village. It is easily accessible from both the upper and lower valley and from anywhere in the village. The structure's three wings surround a vast courtyard with a parking lot from where you can reach the local recreation centre, which the school uses as the physical education gym. The classrooms are organized on three floors. On these three floors you can also find the chemistry, physics and computer labs, the auditorium, the teachers' lounge and the bar.

The High School has many welcoming and orientation projects. There is a particular project for the first-years, which helps the students integrate themselves in the best possible way with the academic world. The high school organizes meetings with university and college professors for students in their last year, and also promotes stages for those who are interested in it. The gym, used for physical education lessons, is also used for the school tournaments. The students participate in regional and sometimes national tournaments. In the P.E. programme there are many different activities for each class, which are swimming lessons and Rock-climbing.

It is impossible to present the enormous amount of work done by the students during the entire school year. The normal curriculum is the strongest point for their collegiate preparation. Many other activities guided by the teachers make scholastic life significant with research, knowledge, skills, competence and relationships.

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